Let’s be friends.



In a nutshell:

I’m wife to a minister, boy-mom to two adventurous little guys, and health and fitness coach to multiple friends who inspire and motivate me daily. I’m honored to a be the founder of Team Redefining Fitness and part of a larger tribe that desires to help others live as obedient stewards of what we’ve been given.

Why “redefining fitness?” 

I’m a sucker for old hymns. See, my Daddy was a worship leader, too, and I grew up learning theology through some of the most precious, truth-filled hymns and songs. One of my favorites is “Come Ye Sinners.” The final line in that poem helped inspire our team name:

“All the fitness He requireth

Is to feel your need of Him.”

My purpose in coaching is to redefine this term that is often understood as pertaining solely to physical health. While stewarding our bodies well is obviously a large part of it, I believe that the most important facet of what I do is to help people identify the heart and motivation behind pursuing a healthy lifestyle. It should originate with finding satisfaction and dependence fully in God, recognizing the gifts he’s given us, and stewarding those gifts well. To me, this is fitness. This is what I focus on with myself, my family, my challengers and the coaches on my team. Together we are striving to redefine fitness as the Lord defines it. We aren’t perfect but together we strive daily to redefine fitness as the Lord defines it, which begins with our dependence on Him and Him alone as our source of security, satisfaction, and significance.

How I Got Started

I became passionate about health and fitness after becoming a mom and seeing a decline in attention to my health. Initially, I felt like investment in my health was selfish, and I neglected it until a few friends encouraged me to change. The resources I found made investment in my health doable, and the change I felt in energy convinced me that investment in my health was investment in my family.

After poor stewardship of my health for so long, and using marriage and motherhood as an excuse, I became very passionate about the changes I began to see in my own life. The desire to be more disciplined with my health began to affect multiple areas in my life for the better, and strongly influenced my desire to help others with that same change. Intentionality and discipline in good stewardship of your health is not only an investment in yourself; it affects those nearest you, too.

I’m all about lifestyle changes that are doable and focused not on image but on overall health. I feel like the main motivation behind our health stewardship should be obedience to our Creator God, and I think it’s an important way we can honor him with what He’s given to us. That’s why I want to coach you and help you on your own journey. I’m so glad you’re here and considering an investment in your health. Don’t just browse around without contacting me. Let’s talk about your goals. I want to get to know you and become friends. I would love to have you join the conversation and community. Looking forward to getting to know you, friend.