Join Team Redefining Fitness


Every month on Facebook, our team hosts a Coaching Sneak Peek to share what it is that we do as coaches, how you can make it a full-time business, and why we consider it a ministry. We address common myths and questions like:

  • do I have to be a salesperson?
  • do I have to be extroverted or have a lot of friends?
  • how much time do I need?
  • do I need a completed physical transformation before beginning as a coach?
  • is it okay if I don’t love fitness and eating healthy?
  • do I need any official certification or training?
  • how would I make money as a coach?
  • do I own my own business, or would I work for Beachbody?

We love spending this time in our sneak peek sharing about our vision for our team and how we focus on building relationships with people rather than selling. We would love to have you join us for the sneak peek, which is usually the fourth Thursday evening of the month. If you aren’t able to attend live, you can still watch the replays of the videos where each coach shares a bit about what we do.

To join, click this link. Also, feel free to message me with questions if you’re interested. Don’t worry, we don’t try to convince anyone to coach. We simply share what we’re doing and why we love it, but we understand if it isn’t what God has for you at this point. We’d love to chat with you to help you determine that, though.

Here’s the link to check out the next sneak peek, or watch the replays from the previous one: Click here.