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Below is a list of FAQ we often get when we chat with friends about what we do as coaches. Feel free to browse through them and check out the info we’ve provided for you. However, if you’d like to hear individual coach stories, feel free to check out this Facebook group where we record live coach stories every quarter or so. You might find a video of someone you know and or relate to and would like to hear their story.

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If you have no idea what a coach does (and haven’t first experience a challenge group with the coach who invited you to read this) then I encourage you to first take the time read this page. It’s the heartbeat of what I do as a coach and really answers that question best.

Now, on to the FAQ…


Why Team Beachbody?

I’m so glad you asked! Let me start by saying that I love other MLM companies and many of their products. Some of my closest friends own businesses through MLMs and I purchase the products they sell and admire their desire to be an entrepreneur and provide additional income for their homes.

I personally chose Team Beachbody and the coaching opportunity because it provides the chance to do so much more than simply provide great products. It has given me the freedom to really build a relationship with an individual and join them on a journey for a bigger purpose of living intentional lives that glorify the Lord through stewarding their health well. Each coach and business owner has the ability to do their business the way they desire. My choice? I am in the business of helping others grow in God-honoring personal discipline in order to cultivate an intentional life that glorifies God. That bigger purpose is what fuels my desire to build a business as a Team Beachbody coach. It’s not about rank or income, although we celebrate those things, and I set goals around those achievements. For me, it has to be much bigger. And my vision statement reflects the great purpose and mission that fuels all I do and why I do it in regards to coaching.

Why Team Refining Fitness?

This is a great chance for me to share our core values with you, which align with the vital behaviors, for sure. Check out our team’s Core Values here.

Why now?

Why not? Our company has more exciting things than ever before available! It has been my experience in the past two years of actively coaching that Beachbody is steadily innovating, growing and adapting to best serve coaches and customers. They listen, they learn and they truly care about helping people achieve their goals to live healthy and fulfilling lives. They don’t compromise the quality of any of their products, and maintain integrity and resourcefulness in everything they produce. The support they provide coaches is outstanding and it’s an honor to be a part of a company like this one.

How much does it cost to get started and continue as a coach?

When you sign up as a coach, you’ll get a Business Starter Kit with everything you need to hit the ground running: the Coach Welcome Book, 30-day access to your online Coach Office, and key support tools to effectively market and manage your business—all for $39.95. If you purchase a challenge pack at the time of coach enrollment, or if you’ve ever previously purchased a challenge pack, the $39.95 gets waived (or reimbursed if purchased previously). 

After 30 days, you’ll automatically be billed $15.95 per month to the credit card you provide to continue your Coach business. If you decide that Team Beachbody isn’t for you, no worries. Just call Beachbody Support anytime at 1 (800) 240-0913 to cancel and avoid future charges.

What do I have to do as a business building coach?

We prefer to think of it as what we GET to do. The vital behaviors of a coach include:

  • Being a product of the product. We follow a fitness program and drink a shake daily. It’s like eating and sleeping for us.
  • Personal Development. Each coach is expected to be learning and growing as an individual through 10-20 minutes of reading or listening to audiobooks/podcasts each day. It’s not just about a healthy body, but a healthy mind and spirit as well!
  • Inviting. Connect with others, build relationships, and invite them to join you. It’s not complicated, but requires intentionality.
  • Recognition. Celebrate others efforts, achievements, success, victories, etc. This is fun! Recognize anything you see that is worth celebrating, and there is plenty!

How much time in a day does it take to build a successful business?

It really depends on how you define success and what your goals are. No amount of income is guaranteed, but it based on each individual coach’s skill, efforts, hard work, etc. It is very doable to begin building your business in as little as one hour a day in the beginning. However, the growth and rate of growth of your business will be directly related to the amount of focused, intentional and purposeful time you spend on your business each day and week consistently and over time. Feel free to ask your coach what realistic goals align with the amount of time you can invest in growing your business.

Do I have to be a salesperson?

No. In fact, we don’t want you to be. Coaching is about so much more than selling a product. It’s about walking alongside someone on their journey: genuinely connecting and building a relationship, listening to the person’s needs and goals, and helping each individual determine the best fit for what they’re trying to accomplish. The relationship doesn’t conclude with the transaction; it’s only begun and the commitment level of a coach actually increases at that point.

Do I have to be extroverted and already connected to a lot of people (either in person or via social media networks)?

No! All we ask is that you BE YOURSELF. We don’t want you trying to be anyone else. We do encourage personal growth, but transparency and a willingness to share your honest journey is what is most important because there is someone out there who needs to hear directly from you. Coaches come in all shapes and sizes, and we want it that way!

Do I have to have the perfect body and a completed transformation to be a coach?

Absolutely not! Firstly, there is no such thing as perfect, and secondly, no one wants a perfect coach. People admire and follow and want to join someone who is real and transparent about their journey, while continuing to grow and strive to be disciplined. You don’t have to be perfect, but we do ask that you are being a product of the product, willing to continue your own personal journey first and foremost, and be committed to share about that journey.

Do I have to drink Shakeology?

In order to be considered an “active” coach through your business center, the answer is no, not necessarily. Active status requires that you have at least 50 PV on home direct each month (measurement for personal volume). This can be accomplished through multiple products (the performance line supplements, for example). However, if you’re considering building a business as a coach, one of the vital behaviors of a coach is being a product of the product, which includes your daily dose of dense nutrition through Shakeology. However, if an allergy prevents you from consuming Shakeology for some reason, it’s not impossible for you to coach. But it is a vital part of what we consider the total solution, so if at all possible, it’s important to understand that it would be hard to build a coaching business without drinking it or being able to share effectively about it with others.

Why Shakeology?

Great question! Here’s a video that explains a little about it.

My story? I knew after drinking it a week that I would continue. It increased my energy, cut my cravings, and helped regulate my digestion. It’s the simplest part of my nutrition and gives me nutrients that I otherwise would not be able to access for this price. It’s not a crutch but a tool that I’m grateful to use every single day.

Do I have to sell a certain amount each month?

Nope. If you’re asking this question, it likely means that you’re more interested in becoming a loyalty customer-coach versus a business-building coach, and that’s totally okay! A loyalty customer-coach is someone who loves the products, like Shakeology, and wants to continue using them each month with a coach’s discount. It’s basically the company’s way of showing appreciation for being a loyal customer. It’s perfectly fine to use this discount and pay monthly coaching fees ($15.95 a month) and never sell anything. However, if you want to build your business, it grows partly through sales, so there are goals you can set to help new people each month if you are wanting to build a business. But there is no penalty for not selling products.  

Do I have to use social media in order to coach?

Connecting with people through all avenues of contact is encouraged – in person, over the phone, and through digital messaging. Social media is an amazing avenue for connecting to more people and finding your “tribe” of people you would most enjoy working with. Although social media can be abused, it can also be a really neat tool for sharing your story and journey and finding like minded people who NEED your particular story, encouragement, accountability and inspiration. We teach and train new coaches how to use social media well in a way that is not salesy (remember, we don’t want salespeople!) but genuine, and how not to become a slave to your phone. We teach how to set boundaries in place and follow business hours for growing your business so that you aren’t constantly feeling the need to be attached to a screen.

Do I have to run my own challenge group? Or start out doing all the things it seems like my coach currently does?

Not initially, no. Our team has all processes and content saved on a google drive that new coaches can access. Although new coaches can start their own challenge groups, it’s also common for new coaches to co-lead challenge groups with their upline coaches for the first few months in order to get started in their businesses without being too overwhelmed. Each coach’s journey differs depending on goals and desires, and there is always support from me to join what I’m doing, or the freedom to branch off and start your own processes when ready.

Do I need any official training or certification?

Nope. No business training required. No fitness certificates required. Beachbody provides all the tools we need to provide excellent service to customers and coaches. Our job is to become learners of what we offer, and be the support others need as they strive to reach their goals.

How do I earn money?

Lots of ways! The two primary ways are through commissions from sales and team volume as you grow a team of coaches in your organization. There are also opportunities to earn bonuses. Here’s a link to the compensation plan in case you’d like to see more detail about everything.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

No, a pyramid scheme is illegal. If you’d like to know more details about the legitimacy of the company, feel free to view our Coach Policies and Procedures here.

If I become a coach, do I always have to coach?

Nope. There are different seasons of life, and you may decide or discern that this isn’t the best fit for you, which only you can determine. There is no cancellation fee. And there is always the option to become a loyalty customer-coach instead of a business-building coach if needed for a certain season or duration. However, if you desire to really build a business, taking breaks will affect your momentum, so it’s important that you are aware of it. Building this business is not complicated, but it requires hard work and consistency.

What if I like my day job?

Great! We’re glad you do! Becoming a coach doesn’t mean that you have to be hating where you currently are and wanting a change. I personally love my job working for a non-profit focused on missions training. Coaching enables my husband and myself to continue doing the ministry we love doing (especially since ministry doesn’t usually bring in much money). There are several successful coaches that love their jobs as teachers or nurses, for example, and see coaching as simply another way to connect with and serve people. Of course, coaching has become a full-time job replacement for many who strive to quit their original full-time jobs, or retire their spouses. There is freedom available for what you desire your coaching business to be.

What training is available?

Our team has immediate training available for each new coach that is self-paced with hands-on mentorship from an upline team. This allows each coach to go at his or her own pace through New Coach Basics, a Business Starter Academy, and a Team Builder Academy. Each coach receives a Business Planner upon enrollment that provides a 3 month timeline for ideal goals, training, tracker sheets, and other tools for getting started right. In addition to training from Team Redefining Fitness, we are part of a bigger upline team called Fit Legacy Family, founded by Robert and Melissa Hudgens who are some of the original founders for Team Beachbody. Their longevity and faithfulness to the company provide incredible mentorship for our team as well, and we are grateful to have them coach us!


We encourage you not to let any question go unanswered. Don’t worry; no one on our team is trying to convince you to become a coach. We simply invited you because we thought you display the traits of those we think make great coaches, and we’d love to have you consider joining our team. But we aren’t here to convince anyone. So feel free to continue the conversation with us and ask questions if you have them. We love having conversations over the phone and especially in person to share more about our individual journeys and why we do what we do.